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situation. still too close to call, but cincinnati, columbus, president obama has claimed victory there. those are some key counties and cities that we have been watching. just something to know. neil: all right. thank you very much. as we were telling you and telegraphing, this is when the obama folks are going to sort of wall about the points, and california is the big enchilada. safely democratic for years. ronald reagan to win the state. fifty-five electoral votes go for barack obama. north carolina, this is a pickup for mitt romney from what had been a democratic win four years ago. mitt romney, as he did in indiana tonight, when speck of state for the republicans. still in doubt is virginia when they are still counting the votes. florida when they're still counting the votes. simply too close to call. idaho, i think i mistakenly said that was expected to go for the presidents. i was wrong. mitt romney picks up by no and its four electoral votes. going to washington state, this was a state that the president was expected to win. he picks up those 12 electoral votes out of was
the kabuki theater begin. >> it did. you know hours after president obama secured reelect, top congressional democrat, harry reid reaffirmed democrat tax agenda, those makg more should pay more. >> people who make more than a million dolrs a year, the vast majority of them are happy to pay that. only place that people disagree are republican in congress. >> repter: he and democrats, namely the president, want a tax increase on families earning more than $250,000 a year, reed hemmed a series of votes this year on only income of more than a million dollars. meanwhile, house speaker john boehner unprompted said that republicans are willing to spam examine more tax revenue. >> for the purposes of forging a bipartisan agreement that begins to solve the problem, we're willing to accept new revenue under the right conditions, what matters is where the increased revenue comes from and what type of reform comes witht. >> reporter: those conditions broad-based individual tax reform, republican aide tells fox business, boehner said that last night's elect results are no mandate to raise taxes, american
side says they want to box the other in the corner beginning negotiations. president obama, though, made it fairly clear he wants taxes to go up on wealthier taxpayers saying after the election, he was re-elected, democrats back in the senate, and the message in the campaign is wealthier people need to pay more. therefore, that's the approach he's taken. as for what happens in the3 negotiations and next year, we're still very, very early in this, and so we continue to move forward. what we heard from house speaker boehner, he'll talk revenue. unprompted the other say said we'll discuss revenue from an overall of the tax system. that's something he wants to accomplish next year with entitlement reforms. mitch mcconnell was stronger saying he was nt sent to washington to raise taxes to pay for more wasteful spending. this election has not changed anything. neil, the discussions, at least face-to-face beg next week. the president invited congressional leaders to the white house for a meeting, and congressional leaders are rking out a date and time. back to you. neil: rich, do you get
household, i get it, they don't want their benefits package flash or whatever. isn't obama the one that is talking about shared sacrifice? it could be we just don't have the money inhe end. the taxpayers employ public employees. we should have a say on what their benefits packages are. >> the average ivil servants earned 123,000 mis in 2009. but we are talking about is telling the workers tt if you work at the fod area at wal-mart when it's time to join us. this is the perfect atmosphere for them to make this move. >> the fact is that american workers in the private sector are underpaid. we have been losing the value of the currency compared to the past for five years. charles: you just said that the union guys make a lot of money. >> the federal employees. i took the stats and look at how much we're getting for the guys that work at the post office. what's to stop people from saying yes, why not? >> ultimately, there is only a few occupations that can afford the weight of that salary anymore. >> those are the companies that can afford the extra bonus package. they can't handle the
barack obama tax hike. it will kill small businesses who employ the majority of americans. couple that with obamacare, and you are in big trouble. tom: i don't mean to remind you but we had an election recently. and his point, you sa say okay,i know there was almost country voted for mitt romney, but more voted for him. and so he has the cards right now. >> first of all the rest of the country is not a bunch of defeated republicans, they're the loyal opposition and had a voice in the right to express their concerns. he is now the president of the people who voted for him, he is the president of the united states of america and he ought to act like it because he has not done it for four years. tom: john boehner has another election in two years. he has the entire house every two years. so he's going to want to look like the obstructionist again? and by the way, he has the vote thing going for him. he think he will go along? speak out like to hit republicans in the head and say no matter what you do, you are getting blamed. he might as well do it is right. people did not put john bo
resumed its rhetoric. romney did not mention obama by name. lots of advocacy for the romney agenda conto million jobs. more energy production. education, cracking down on chinese trade in championing small businesses. there is no question about it. the romney campaign held a teleconference today with reports to say that they are just where they had always hoped it would be in the closing days of this campaign. in a statistical tie knocking on the door and able to win. they still can win but is not at all by any means a certainty. a scare tactic when republicans that they think their vote doesn't matter they could be wrong in the need to get to the polls. with that said, some concern in the polls for the campaign. then seen in the seven surveys in the last two days, of ohio that shows that it's still a margin race within the margin of error, but mr. obama is with a slight lead with and that margin so the romney campaign has begun looking at expanding the battlefield where the playing field to make you will, by going after states like minnesota and michigan and pennsylvania, states that ha
know that the obama administration over the course of the term has imposed 400 regulations that impose more than $100 million of costs annually on small businesses. the small business administration has said that there are so many regulatory burdens on small business that it cost them $10,000 per employee. those are the kinds of things that we want to stop right now so we can see moe startup and jobs created. >> is one thing to hope for freezing regulations. but i guess we had hoped for "a-team" canaday. if you don't know these regulations, you could be in big trouble. let's say that you stop adding to the regulations. that alone has prompted the obama administrati say, well, republicans don't want to protect us. how are you going t answer the predictablcriticism that you're not looking outor folks, you are looking out for business interests? >> well, we are. we are saying in health emergency, of course. any sensible policymaker would say you have to be able to address those. but right now, the pendulum has swung so far that it's very difficult to even conceive starting up your busine
from you. >> obama and reid and nance than plan to spend a great deal of money they did, then they asked to come back and ask republicans to put their fingerprint on a tax increase to validate hire level of -- a higher level of spending, whether they turned and asked the republicans would they please, as they were willing to in '82 and '90, raise taxes so the democrats could spend all of the money, the democrats said no, they said no several times, and they said, no, no, people said why,ome republicans said, i made a commitment to my voters, in writing not to raise taxes, behind closed-doors you can give somebody goodies but you cannot undo a commitment they make in writing to their voters, they decide since atrshares that pledge with all candidates, republicans and democrats, maybe if they attack me, that would make the pledge go away. the problem is, as handful of congressmen as you point out, know they say, well, i would like ta raise taxes, and they look at me like i'm going to tell them it's okay? don't talk to me. neil: here is my theory, i think there is more to i
that are right and there are things that are wrong. president obama's tax hikes would need to crucify small businesses in this country like along with obamacare, it is a crushing blow to the ethereal spirit and the bottom line. you already see businesses maneuver and they are not going to hire more than 25 employees or work over 30 hours and this tax hike on over people who make under $50,000, the majority of those are small businesses. by the way, this is a big old news flash. 2%. 2.1% of the population makes 250. come on. tom: it is the same answer the president has given before. a lot of surveys lately, we understand, it won't fix the deficit. you think it is going to? no, but what is it for? it is because of fairness. >> that is what i want people to understand the president obama does not care about fial responsible if youeconomies or jobs, markethe doctrine of fairness, because he went out and build a business, you were successful, it is not fair that others didn't. this is a market idea, it is what this man is about. he can crush as many people as possible to get this fairness thing
think it is only a matter of -- when obama's first term began in 2008, we ha four years of gridlock. i think there was a message here. i want to be optimistic that they will get a deal. neil: if the market is doing this, they will be forced to. we will see. we do want to keep you aware of it. we will watch it. there is that. we do have the ability to convey things to you and the simple urgency of what happens when you don't do this and ignore the clear warning signs to this. when you do it on domestic policy is one thing. as ronald reagan used to say, when you do it in all your the former secretary of state, george shultz. george shultz. coming up next with a lot more. 4g lte is the fastest. so, which supeast 4g lte service would yochoose based on this chart ? don't rush into it, i'm not loo. obviously verizon. okay, i ve a different chart. going that way, does that make a difference ? look at verizon. it's so much more thanhe oer ones. so what if we just changed the format altogether ? isn't that the exact same thing ? it's pretty clear. still sticking with verizon. verizon. more 4g l
a matter of -- when obama's first term began in 2008, we have four years of gridlock. i think there was a message here. i want to be optimistic that they will get a deal. neil: if the market is doing this, they will be forced to. we will see. we do want to keep you aware of it. we will watch it. there is that. we do have the ability to convey things to you and the simple urgency of what happens when you don't do this and ignore the clear warning signs to this. when you do it on domestic policy is one thing. as ronald reagan used to say, when you do it in all your the former secretary of state, george shultz. coming up next with a lot more. that's a few names longer. you see us bank on busier highways. on once empty fields. everyday you see all the ways all of us at us bank are helping grow our economy. lending more so companies and communities can expand, grow stronger and get back to wo. everyday you see all of us serving you, around the country, around the corner. us bank. you walk io a conventional mattress store, it's really not about you. we have so much technology in our
that they used to get president obama reelected to get a fiscal deal done, the white house is focussed on the middle class, they call senators, and house machines and tell them, -- house numbers, telling them, uncertainty is killing me but they fail to mention that tax hike with fiscal cliff, president obamaments tax hikes on those making more than $2 theft thousand a year, that will affect their middle class that their job creat creators the nor be able to pay them. neil: the train has left that spending station. i should say that taxes will go up. leaving that aside. how do you make the argument that a deal by the end of the year, even if it is bad, is better than no deal, if ratings agents pounce on a crafty deal, let's say waded toward tax hikes not addressinggspending cuts, wouldn't credit agency seize on that and downgrade us just the same? >> absolutely. this is what we saw with debt ceiling last summer, we saw our credit rating go down. and if you want to talk about that, white house tapped tim geithner today, treasury secretary to head the fiscal talks, he is the one that said
mechanics, his organization was not as good as pulling his vote as the obama campaign was in pulling has, and the obama campaign was super. textbook. if you want to learn how to do it, go look at what obama did. tom: going back to your id information. what i hear is that their campaign is so amazing that they know everything bout you. and what kind of car you drive, where you live -- >> they know who to bull, workable. you look at a district that may be is gog to vote seven, a at a ten for obama, you pull everybody in that district. and you get to a district is more like 5050 and you have to be more careful. you want to pull 50% in the right 50 percent. their approach to this was the best i've ever seen. call rolls elected george bush twice during that. and i would say, and i don't want to it get him mad at me, but this may have been and not some of what he was able to do. tom: everybody says it was pretty amazing. mr. mayor, always good to see you. happy thanksgiving. well, coming up, this thanksgiving, up-and-coming republicans could be giving in to raising taxes. michl reagan on the g
a lot of these great companies are here. go to washington. there is no question that president obama said the rich will pay more if i'm elected. the question is, can you get a compromise? republicans give up their opposition to tax increase, democrats are willing to cut spending they cherish realize part of the deal to avoid america borrowing --. neil: but they're not doing that latter part. that is what worries me. maybe they will. maybe something is going on behind closed doors i'm not seeing governor but they're not doing that. >> big question was, is prop 30 is this passage a harbinger of good news and we'll somehow avoid the fiscal cliff. i think it might be. it will require both sides to realize america should take priority over your party, being republican and democrat. we can't keep borrowing 40 cents out of every dollar without becoming a debtor nation and engaging in a slow dim minute news of out influence and power around the world. i think a seminal event at the federal level as well. neil: governor wilson, at least unlike washington, here in california you have guys been
do not cost it out. neil: yo you know, i think that obama administration and those whohampion this are getting what they wanted and deny. that and you make so cost prohibitive that a number of companieses suck up penalty and drop insurance or others the system with uncle sam. >> the fact that illegal imgrants come here to this country, and get health insurance is just crazy. neil: but the government hat will call the shots? >> the government will caught will shots. government will side who gets healthcare, what type of coverage you c get, what type of ser visions yoof ser serviceh people sayg, they are voting for current administration because they do not want to give up choice, you don't really have a choice. neil: it does have a lot of good stuff, the froot loaded stuff was preexisting. but for many it was the goodies that caught their attention. >> extremely well craft, done in a stealth manner, we have a fullearf chaos before this sets in this 2014. neil: thank you barry sloan. >> all right, this is out of los angeles, start meat less mondays. i a proposininging tofless t
that is not part of their job? the obama administration getting primed for spending taxpayer money to promote the president's health care law. the administration saying, well, we have to explain that law. we are not promoting anything. the republican congressman not quite buying it. the state of louisiana. he is leading this charge against the health and human services secretary to get to the bottom of what this money is being used for because it seems a little fishy. congressman, and joining us on the phone right now. have you heard anything from the secretary? >> well, we sent letters initially backed inmate, follow-up letters in august and we have received no information about the use of these tax bear dollars. we were completely ignored by the secretary, and that prompted the subpoena and conversations with the chairman on the ways and means committee. we felt that we need to know how these millions of taxpayer dollars being used for this purpose at a time when we are dealing with deficits, serious issues. the taxpayer deserves to know what these dollars are being used for. neil: you know
Search Results 0 to 36 of about 37 (some duplicates have been removed)